6910021-23 BENSINTANK tätning KIT 600GR 755:-
(rostrensning,rostlösare & epoxi förseglare) 
Hur TankCure används: PDF
"TANK CURE" products enable you to recondition the inside of your fueltank in a professional way. 
"TANK CURE" is manufactured by POLY-SERVICE. 
This petrol resistant Tank Sealant is adopted on a large scale in The Netherlands, Germany, England and Belgium. Users have build up more then 15 years of very satisfying experience with this sealant. It has been successfully applied to steel, aluminium, polyester and carbon fibre tanks.
    Cures rusted tanks
    Stop leakage through seams and pinholes
    Preventive treatment against leaking seams, pinholes and the build up of rust
    Shield off pollution in oil tanks (after sandblasting)
"TANK CURE" tank sealant is based on a 2 component epoxy resin. 
After adding the two components together stir them thoroughly for a couple of minutes, 
empty the can in your petrol tank and seal the filler opening properly. 
Now slowly turn the tank in all directions. Keep turning for about 15 to 20 minutes. 
The sealant should touch all surfaces several times to form a good layer.
Now open the filler cap and put the tank upside down to drain as much sealant as possible.

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